Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Snapshots

Nothing says summer like juicy, red rip strawberries. I had two excellent pickers to help me pick 10 quarts. And it still didn't seem like enough.

Sunshine and swimming tuckered Petite out. She rolled up in her towel and fell asleep on the deck.

"I'm singing in the rain! Singing in the rain.... What a glorious feeling... I'm happy!"

We've had lots of warm sunny days to celebrate, and frequent bursts of rain showers. When it's hot and it starts to rain, why not dance, shout, and sing!

Oh, to be a kid, and not run from the rain!

We spent most of Fourth of July week at camp and got to spend a day on the lake, stopping at Deer Island for a picnic and swimming. Josh fished from the boat, I sat on the rocks and read a great book. Days don't get much better than that, when we are all doing the things we love when we're together.

We "adopted" two extra kiddos for a few days, while their baby sister was being born and mom and dad were recuperating. I had three unicorns in the house!

Mister has been building many domino paths and interesting structures this summer.

We went to the Discovery Museum and did the usual fun activities there.

But there were also baby goats there that day, to feed and pet. The Channel 2 news was there and Brown-Eyed Girl was interviewed and on TV (along with clips of the rest of us!).

Mister didn't want to be interviewed, but he stands sentinel over his younger sister.

Summer is half over- can it be? Should I even say it???? Should I even admit that I look forward to school starting? Even so, we've got lots more to enjoy so stay tuned.

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BearBear said...

Long live summer!! :) We are gearing up for first grade, oh my! I'd being lying if I said I wasn't excited too. But still hanging on to these summer days that beckon us outside. Kate is so big now, Caleb reminds me so much of my oldest. Such boys!