Tuesday, March 19, 2013

India- Weeks 23 & 24

This post is very late in coming.  In fact, there will hardly be anything said about our two weeks in India.  We didn't do any of the India art projects and we didn't really eat any Indian food.  But we did love the biography of Amy Carmichael and we did do some other fun things during those weeks.

 Brown-Eyed-Girl and Cousin M. began a ballet class together at the church/school where we "come from".  

We had a very late 100th day of school celebration at an indoor pool.  Petite loved it, although at first she insisted she didn't want to go to a pool.  She thought it would be too cold to swim, so I assume she thought we would be swimming outside!.

We had friends join us.

Brown-Eyed- Girl has been doing some Project Life scrapbooking of her own.

Petite has begun drawing faces, arms and legs on everything.  Super cute and one of those developmental milestones.

We went bowling on the last Friday in India.  We did get some Naan bread and roasted chickpeas and some Halvah bars (even though we weren't sure they were Indian) at the natural food store.

I think bowling shoes are quite stylish.

But not as stylish as this little princess.

We are currently in China and I already have more to share of our actual studies than I did India.  

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