Monday, April 29, 2013

Russia- Weeks 29 and 30

We completed our visit to Russia a week ago, but I'm late in posting because we had a much deserved week off.  I was gone on two different trips, including a homeschool conference.  We're about to embark on our study of my favorite place in the whole world: Australia. I've never been there, but it is the place I've always dreamed of going. But before we go there, I'll wrap up our trip to Russia.

We began reading the third and final volume in the Kingdom Tales trilogy by David and Karen Mains.  The kids were so excited to pick this series up again.  We get so much out of these allegorical tales and they always ask for more.  We cooked blinis, much like crepes, and spread them with jam and then rolled them up.

 They were so delicious, a mix between a pancake and french toast because of the eggs in them.

Our most memorable activity was blowing the center out of an egg so that we could decorate them.  We learned about Peter Faberge and his famous jeweled eggs and this was the suggested art project.  Oh my, we laughed soooooo hard!

We poked a small hole in the top and bottom of the egg and then we just blew into it.  If the yoke seemed to clog the hole, we pierced it or shook the egg to break it up.  Oh my, all I could think of was giving birth, with all the insides coming out of a tiny.... well, anyway.

I got in on the fun too.  Caleb said he's never heard me laugh so hard.

The kids then painted their eggs using acrylic paint.

We saw many beautiful Faberge eggs online, but I think the kids did a pretty competitive job at making their own.

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