Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week 5: Fall All Around

I love seeing each week of school pass by in these posts! Five weeks into the year already!  It's funny how I'm always so anxious to start school, but then I love counting down our days too.  I love the feeling of accomplishing something and making progress, I guess.

This week of school wasn't very exciting. We continued our study of Ancient Egypt, primarily pyramids, and I've been reading The Golden Goblet aloud to the kids.  We are all enjoying it, but it is a book we all have to reach for. It's not the easiest for me to read aloud and there is a lot to pay attention to when listening. But they beg for more, so it's worth it!

The real excitement this week was the weekend. On Saturday we attended a fun Harvest Party and on Sunday we went to the corn maze and enjoyed all the other great stuff they had to offer!

Most of the kids at the Harvest Party- complete with costumes, sweet treats, and pizza, plus some really fun games!

Is it any surprise that Miss Petite's costume was Minnie Mouse????

A classic game was rediscovered- bobbing for apples. So much harder than it looks. Believe me, I tried!

And I did it! I got one!

Our group of kiddos at the corn maze. I confess, we didn't make it through. We couldn't find the fourth post no matter how hard we tried.  So we took a short cut and quit. I think part of the fun is getting lost... the kids don't!

All aboard the cow-train!

Rubber ducky races were a hit, as well as the giant jumping pillow (I was jumping too, so no pictures of that).  It was THE perfect fall day.  I even stopped at my favorite apple orchard and bought honeycrisps, fresh homemade donuts, and fresh pressed cider. Any guess what we had for dinner?

That's my quick wrap-up of school week number five. Cause school isn't just in the classroom during the week!

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