Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our First Days of Summer!

It's June and it is officially summer for us even though the world technically waits til June 20th or 21st (I can never remember which day it is).  A heat wave moved in after days and days of rain, which seemed appropriate.  We were finally able to have our end-of-the-year egg hunt with our homeschool group.

The kids met a toad.

Petite started the egg hunt well, but I confess she was quite cranky the day of the hunt.

The kids examine their loot.

Because of the heat, the sprinkler came out for several days.  On one day, when the cousins were visiting, we also got sprinkles from heaven.  Here is my niece hiding under the table... although she was already wet :)

We've already checked a few things off our summer bucket list, including going out for ice cream. Though it's highly likely this is one event we'll repeat often this summer!

Another thing on our list (suggested by Brown Eyed Girl) was going to yard sales.  Petite found two new Minnie Mouse's for just 25 cents each.

And we made our first trip to the beach!  Saturday was a scorcher and the kids begged me to take them, though I knew the water would be like ice.   Everyone was happy to cool off.

And I'll never understand why they enjoy it so much, but they buried each other in the sand.

And thankfully washed off before we returned home.

As I uploaded these photos, I remembered that I need to do my end-of-the-school-year wrap up post.  May was such a busy month.   Things are starting to wind down. We just had a wonderful 40th anniversary party for Josh's parents on Sunday and we have a few birthdays ahead, but I'm hoping my thoughts will get pulled together soon to give me closure on our school year. For now, we're taking a much needed breath of fresh, summer air.

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