Thursday, June 27, 2013

School Room Remodel Means a Bucket of Crafts for the Kids!

Have I mentioned that we are making over our school room this summer?????  It is so exciting, but even for a room that's only about 6x8 feet, it is a lot of work. Because first I had to pack it all up and move it out.  This room is essentially our storage area for books, art supplies, and it's our coat closet too. 

Check it out. Really messy and desperately in need of order and ya know, a hint of intellect and style. 

So I took all this stuff out. Now it's crowding out the dining room and some of it is in the basement. 
While cleaning it out, I felt like a teacher on the last day of school.  I always loved the last day of school, for many reasons.  But one of them was all the nifty stuff my teacher would give away as she cleaned out her school room. Stickers, workbooks, paper, books.... I came home with my backpack loaded up on that last day before summer! 
 I have tons of odds and ends, things we've saved as potential craft supplies, and things that never got put away properly.  I had this large pink foot locker hanging around and decided to throw these odds and ends inside.  Voila!  It's our Rainy Day bucket.  Or, our I'm Bored bucket.  Or, our Just-Put-It-Back-When-You're-Done  Bucket.
There is some cool stuff in here, and that's the only rule.  Do whatever you want with it, just put everything back when you're done.
Pipe cleaners, pom-poms, beads, buttons, foam, clothes pins, clay, sand, canvases, even a button-making kit. 
Kids love the freedom to create.  They love when nothing is off limits.  And that's what I love about this bucket too.
Again, just clean it up when you're done!
This morning, Brown-Eyed Girl made a cool pipe cleaner snake with googly eyes on a pom pom head. He was coiled around a mini teddy bear statue that had once been destined for a homemade snowglobe.  But she discovered something was missing from the Giant Free-For-All Bucket.
Glue dots.
A crafters best friend.  Now that we've added a box, I guess they will last perhaps a week.  The girl goes wild with glue dots.

Here's a little craft we made last weekened, as we are in the early stages of preparing to go to Disney World in October.  I found this really cute Pinterest idea for a Disney Bank and was all set to finally use my Cricut I got for Christmas, but those Pinterest finds.... over rated!  They were each content to choose their favorite Disney character, print off a picture, wrap a jar in patterned paper and stick on the character print.  We are using the Dave Ramsey money series for kids this summer, so they are each learning to save some of their allowance in their bank, but they are also earning money by reading.   Fact is, they are going to get money from Mom and Dad for Disney anyway.... we're just making them work for it :)

Can you believe June is almost over?  The new school year is just around the corner!!!!

I know, I'm a sicko.

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